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What is it?

Sometimes our patients complain of depressions in the glutea region, which are perceptible even with clothing. Some of these sinkings are true adherences of the skin to deeper structures. All these cases can significantly improve with the surgical procedure of increased gluteo or gluteoplasty.

Gluteoplasty is one of the ways in which the volume of the glutes is recovered. To do this, we perform the aesthetic operation of magnifying glytes in the O.R. under general anesthesia. Your surgeon will inform you of what usual and extraordinary measures you will need to take into account for your safety during the intervention of increase of glutes, as well as during the post-operative period in the medium and long term. In the morning following the surgery, the drainages are removed and the patient receives a medical report, which specifies the recommendations and lifestyle to follow, as well as the medication to take the following days.

Current implants are of highest quality and have an indefinite duration, although we must put them to checks to ensure their correct state over the years.

How does it work?

Use of GLUS with PRTESIS

We can increase the volume of undeveloped glutes, including an implant using intramuscular technique.

In general, we assign this procedure to people without associated skin flaccidity, or when it is minimal.

Recovery is rather fast, although you have to try to avoid exercises that involve contraction of the glútea musculature, such as climbing or climbing stairs in the initial states of recovery.

We use an implant that we place making a less than 8cm incision in the interglutea region, and reaching the larger gluteal muscle, which we separate into two sections, one more superficial and another deeper, and in this latter is where we insert the prosthesis. The scar will be hidden between both buttocks and will not be noticed.


Gluteum can also be increased by using the patient's own fat, thus avoiding the use of implants and offering a completely natural result.

At times, patients consult this technique to suffer from skin flaccidity, especially those who have suffered considerable weight loss, with flattening and skin decolgation from the glutea region. In these cases, an elevation surgery may be done, which is sometimes associated with an increase, when the elevation alone does not achieve a completely satisfactory result. Thus, we can remodel the general contour of the gluteum, by means of autologous fat grafts, tissue extracted from the patient by liposuction, which ensures total compatibility, avoiding problems associated with synthetic filling materials, and by combining the benefits that the liposuction itself produces in other areas of the body. This procedure is more versatile, as far as we place fat where we most need it, without the limitations inherent in implants.

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