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China Sulfate suppliers  Description Cerium sulfate is a reddish crystal or powder that is soluble in water and acids. It can be prepared by reducing cerium sulfate solution with hydrogen peroxide. Room temperature sealed away from light, ventilated dry. Application Area 1. Used as a chromogenic agent for aniline black and for making colored glass. 2. Pentahydrate, eight hydrate and nine hydrate are used as optical glass polishing materials. 3. It can be used as catalyst for synthesis of amyl butyrate, butyl acetate and other compounds, among which amyl butyrate and butyl acetate can be used as food flavor and solvent. 4. It can be added into aluminum alloy to improve the corrosion resistance of oxide film. 5. It can be used as an additive to control membrane fouling in membrane bioreactor.Used as an analytical reagent, often as an oxidant, for the determination of nitrites, iodides, low iron salts, and other substances that can be oxidized to a high valence. Also used in the manufacture of radiation dosimeters; Sulfuric acid is used in the metallurgical industry and metal processing, where sulfuric acid is required in the production process, especially for non-ferrous metals. Product Introduction Product NamePurity Cerium Sulfate>99.95%China Sulfate suppliers

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