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The dumbbells are the main tool to achieve the physical enhancement of the most diverse body parts, both in the gym and in your home: you can find them both fixed and modular, going to play with the most indicated load for your potential (we always recommend not to exceed with the weight to avoid pains or even serious injuries) and allowing a freer movement than the balancer. In addition, the use of dumbbells allows the involvement of a greater number of muscles by also engaging the stabilizers and thus helping you to perform a complete job.

It is taken to say “manubri” however: the exercises with this type of tool are many and can involve practically any part of our body; Moreover, each exercise has different variations making the list really long. For a matter of practicality, we will now limit ourselves to list the main ones based on the reference area so as to give you a synthetic but still exhaustive picture.

Handlebars and arms

We start from the arms, which are often the most involved area when talking about the use of dumbbells both for the biceps and the triceps. Let’s do some order and start from the first: the exercise prince is the curl with the dumbbells, which allows to develop these muscles with a "close" movement that goes to stretch and strengthen the biceps. You can make it standing, sitting, on the sloping bench and with an alternating movement: the list is long and you can really get rid of it according to the part of the biceps you want to develop more; remember to always be careful not to risk overloading your shoulders.

The triceps

The dumbbells are extremely useful even when it comes to tricipets, which can be trained with a series of targeted exercises: among these we can certainly mention the back thrusts with the folded arms, fundamental in the development of the muscle. The starting position provides the forward tilted bust almost to be parallel to the floor with a forward leg and one backward to maintain stability: At this point, after having previously grasped the handlebar with a neutral grip, push the elbow by bringing the forearm parallel to the ground and in line with the body paying much attention to keeping the arm steady. Keep the contraction for about a second and then return to the starting position.


The shoulders and handlebars

The shoulders are also a part of the body that can be successfully coached thanks to the handlebars and the main exercise in this sense are the pushes, which can be performed both on foot and sitting: In both cases there are shortcomings to keep in mind, how to perform the movement slow and controlled and keep your back stable.

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How To Best Use Dumbbells In The Gym

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